Five Steps To A Successful Virtual Happy Hour


The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused bars and other entertainment establishments to close their doors for the foreseeable future. People everywhere are taking advantage of technology and hosting their very own virtual happy hour. It is a great way to escape from the current situation and fill yourself with a sense of normalcy, even if it is just talking to your friends through a computer screen.

Follow these five tips and tricks to ensure you make the most out of your virtual happy hour.

Get Creative

Instead of settling for your usual glass of wine or can of beer, step out of your comfort zone and indulge in a more sophisticated drink such as your twist on the popular “quarrantini.” It is a wonderful way to get people involved and a great conversation starter.

Think of a Theme

I don’t know about you, but I will never turn down an invitation to a themed party. There’s something about the anticipation of seeing what everyone decides to wear that gets me so excited. Although many of the clothing stores where people usually go to buy themed clothing may be closed, there are always other options such as themed cocktails or games centered around a certain theme.


Keep It Small

Try to keep a manageable amount of people. Overcrowding can cause confusion, and it will make it hard to hear others if more than one person is talking. To ensure that the conversations run smoothly, a good number of guests to invite would be around 15 people. Regardless of the number of guests, try to keep the side conversations to a minimum as it could make some people feel left out.


Choose a Game to Play

Games are a great way to keep the conversation flowing and also keep a nice, competitive atmosphere. A deck of cards can be used for so many different drinking games, some of which only involves two or three players. Some other fun games that could be played while enjoying your friends virtual company include Cards Against Humanity, What Do You Meme, and Piccolo, a free app available on the app store that is guaranteed to cause some laughter.


Keep It Short and Sweet

Although the excitement and fun may cause you to lose track of time, try and keep the happy hour to a reasonable length. This not only keeps things moving along, but gives the attendees a reason to do it again. Of course, if some guests would like to continue their conversation and stay in the happy hour, then they will be more than welcome to do so.


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