New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Series


It’s no surprise that Colorado based New Belgium Brewing Compnay has a reputation of brewing delicious beers. Their Voodoo Ranger brand series, which launched in 2017, has quickly become a foundational pillar of the New Belgium Portfolio. Their strategic and clever marketing tactics for brand has allowed consumers to directly contribute to the beer releases, all while keeping them entertained with the appealing graphics and memes. It seems as though New Belgium is trying to distance itself from the Voodoo Ranger brand name, and build it out as its own unique craft beer entity.

The rotating IPA lineup of the Voodoo Ranger series has featured Liquid Paradise IPA, Juicifer IPA, Hop Avenger IPA, American Haze IPA, and most recently, 1985 IPA. Each beer presented consumers with a different flavor profile while staying true to the big bold flavors that New Belgium is known for.

While most of the Voodoo Ranger lineup packs a punch, clocking in at 7% ABV or higher, New Belgium introduced American Haze as an easy-drinking unfiltered IPA coming in at just 5%ABV. Offered in New Belgium’s year-round lineup, American Haze appeals to those drinkers who crave a beer that is bold with hop flavor and sessionable. This beer packs all of the appealing attributes of a hazy IPA in a much more drinkable format. The big juicy hop aroma and well-balanced body make the drinker feel as if they are drinking a traditional hazy IPA.

In the future, New Belgium plans on continuing the expansion of this highly successful brand. The Voodoo Ranger series has some great sales potential, and backed by the talented team at New Belgium, there is no telling where this brand might end up.

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