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Brewer Highlight

Taking its name from the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge, Double Nickel Brewing Company, located in Pennsauken New Jersey, provides its customers with a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere while offering innovative twists to traditional beer styles. Founders Dr. Bob Dalsey, and head brewer Drew Perry, opened the brewery in October of 2015 after following through on a dream that they had discussed for years. Over the years, Double Nickel has established itself as a fierce competitor in the New Jersey Craft Beer Scene.

Head Brewer, Drew Perry, was no stranger to the art of brewing before founding Double Nickel. After graduating from college, Drew joined AmeriCorps, where he spent some time assisting victims of Hurricane Katrina, as well as traveling to Arizona, Oregon, and California. When Drew returned home to South Jersey, he landed a job at what would be one of his biggest competitors in the years to come, Flying Fish Brewing Company, where he spent several years. After much thought, Drew decided that his passion for brewing was something that he would like to dedicate his career. In 2008, Perry enrolled in a course with the American Brewer’s Guild to assist him in perfecting his craft. Drew took his talents to Sterling, Virginia to help kick start Beltway Brewing Company.

Throughout his time working with Flying Fish, Beltway, and receiving his education, Perry stayed in contact with Dr. Bob Dalsey, who was a friend during Drew’s childhood. After moving back to New Jersey in 2014, the two decided to embark on the journey to open a brewery. Drew’s longtime friend Brian Needham, current New Jersey Sales manager from Double Nickel, was working for New Jersey beer distributor Kramer Beverage. He did not hesitate to join the team and lend some valuable insight as to what the business would become. Dr. Bob’s Son, John Dalsey, also became a part of the team and assumed the role of design and marketing manager.

Taking inspiration from appealing aspects of various breweries around the country, Double Nickel features an extremely spacious, 30 seat bar backed by a glass wall that looks into the brewery itself. The building features an upstairs area where private events can be held, as well as a newly renovated outside seating space that is sure to appeal to those looking to quench their thirst with some delicious beer on a hot summer day.

Double Nickel’s beers are crossing the boundary of traditionally brewed beers, offering a wide variety of styles, hop varietals, and flavor profiles with innovative twists that keep the consumer coming back from more. Their “core series,” named after the style of beer that the beer is, features five classic staples that present classic flavors and fond memories to the consumer, including their award-winning Vienna Lager, Session IPA, IPA, Belgian White, and Pilsner. Double Nickel chose to keep these beers nameless in hopes of drawing the consumer more to the flavor of the beer itself, rather than a name.

When I first visited Double Nickel Brewery, I was blown away by the complexity and creativity that was present in the seasonal releases, some of which are only available at the brewery itself. The flavors were familiar, but different at the same time. They were balanced, extremely flavorful, and had aromas that made me not want to take my nose out of the glass. Most recently, Double Nickel released its third installment into their Mega Dank Series, Super Mega Dank 420 Kush Grand Daddy Supreme, a New England Style IPA that is packed with notes of tangerine, peaches, and apricots, all rounded out with a generous aroma from the double dry-hopping of mosaic hops. To date, it has been my favorite beer that I have had from this fantastic brewery. L.A.S.E.R, which gets its name from the ingredients that it is made of, lactose, azacca, simcoe, el dorado, and rakau hops, is another game-changer that I have been enjoying recently. This New England style IPA sets a very high standard for the style of beer that it represents. With bold flavors and aromas of peach, pineapples, berries, and citrus, it is the perfect beer for any hazy, juicy beer lover.

To complement the fantastic liquid that the brewery produces, Vice President of Marketing, John Dalsey, uses his creative mind to craft up some extremely eye-catching, standout cans that is sure to catch the customers’ eye when seated on a crowded cooler shelf. Using vibrant colors and unique designs, John is able to creatively advertise the beer while seamlessly tying his designs into the overall vision of the brewery.

In the future, Double Nickel has the potential to become a powerhouse in the craft beer industry. Their innovative ideas, paired with the relationships that they have built through collaborations has set them up nicely for future success. To say that I am looking forward to my next trip to Double Nickel Brewing Company is an understatement.

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