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Located in historic Wildwood, NJ, the Anglesea Pub offers a fantastic, authentic Irish Pub experience with seasonally rotating draft beers and chicken wings that are known throughout the Jersey Shore. Originally opening its doors in 1885 as the Germantown Hotel, the Anglesea was once a place where local fishermen could enjoy themselves after a long day on the water. As the years passed, the building changed hands to the Bishop family in 1917 and has been known as the Anglesea Pub ever since.

Hailing from Ireland, General Manager Sean McMullan has cleverly incorporated his heritage into the pub’s unique atmosphere. After coming to America in 1991, Sean’s first job was with Anglesea pub working as a busser. As the years passed, Sean progressed through the ranks until eventually becoming General Manager, making some valuable relationships with his customers along the way. His kindhearted attitude and inviting staff has had customers and their families coming back for generations.

Heady Times had the opportunity to speak with Sean McMullan about his long tenure with the Anglesea and how he has adapted to the ever-changing world of beer while running a traditional Irish Pub.

Heady Times (HT): Being a bar at the Jersey shore presents a huge challenge when it comes to retaining a loyal customer base. What makes the Anglesea different from all of the other Irish Pubs in the area?

 Sean McMullan (SM): We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most enjoyable experience around. From the small talk between a bartender and their guest, to each party being personally thanked by myself when leaving the pub, our customer service is second to none. The friendships that I have made over the years are invaluable and have helped this business thrive.

 HT: When visiting an Irish Pub, it is kind of an unspoken rule that there will be Guinness on tap at the bar. What is your thought process when it comes to filling up your tap lines with beers your customers will enjoy?

 SM: The great thing about being so involved with our customers is that it’s a great way to receive feedback on the current selection that we have. We try and keep our taps updated on the seasonal varieties as much as possible, but will heavily weigh our customers’ opinion when it comes to choosing a new beer.

Our sales rep from Kramer Beverage, Billy Bennert, is very knowledgeable and does a fantastic job when it comes to educating and informing us of new products.

HT: The Anglesea also features a large food menu. Are there any items that stand out with your customers?

 SM: For years, our customers have always spoken very highly of our buffalo wings. Other than that, we try and keep the menu pretty versatile to make sure that each guest can be satisfied. You will find some traditional Irish dishes on the menu, as well as classic pub food.

 HT: Besides the friendly staff, good food, and large drink selection, what are some other things that customers look forward to?

 SM: During the peak summer months, we hold weekly Quizzo games on Wednesday nights. We also feature live bands and dj’s that play music from a variety of genres that help to set a great atmosphere.



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